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A message from Joseph

 As a qualified Counsellor and Brown graduate, I understand what it takes to attend the top universities. We work exclusively with some of the world's best tutors, many of whom hold degrees from the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Russell Group, and Ivy League institutions. Having a degree is not enough though. We are incredibly picky about who we choose to help support the Wen brand and expand our core philosophies. In exam preparation, we examine and breakdown the different elements that combine to ensure a successful grade. Knowledge of the subject is not always enough. Motivation, strategy, writing style, organisation, and confidence can all prove equally important. Throughout the site we will be adding free exercises, strategy tips, and much, much more. Visit us from time to time and check out the Wen Forum to ask our experts questions on any topic - completely free.

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Exam Preparation

Examinations can provide the source of great anxiety for pupils and students as they understand the great importance of defining oneself through academic rigour. However, we only fear what we do not know, and with the correct academic, psychological, and motivational preparation, this can prove to be an exciting and empowering process. Using only experienced Russell Group and Ivy League Tutors and Teachers, our Team is more than prepared to ensure success and peace of mind for parents and students.

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