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My name is Joseph Klunder, I founded Wen Education with a small and dedicated team in 2019 to provide students, schools, and parents, high quality support, tuition, and consultancy, at an affordable rate.  Having attended an Ivy League School myself, I understand the rigours of the application process, but I sincerely believe the opportunities bestowed upon me should be universal. For that reason, the consultancy and tuition support of my team is reasonably priced and  aside from private tuition, we do our best to promote peer learning, which lowers the cost and provides core learning opportunities for students. Supported by an outstanding team of consultants, recruiters, and world-class tutors, we are well placed to guide you on your educational journey.

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University Guidance, Support, and Consultancy

Choosing the correct university can be a stressful, uncertain, but also an exciting period for both students and parents. Many variables have to be weighed and assessed in a manner that reduces the anxiety of expectation, and motivates and prepares the student for the best possible outcome. Contact us now for a free consultation and roadmap of how we can best support you.

Sydney University


Wen Education

45 Fitzroy Street.



Tel: +44 203 476 9329

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