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Why an Unconditional Offer May Not Be as Good as You Think.

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Universities in England have been told to clean up their act and show more transparency in their admissions practice, sales pitches, and marketing campaigns according to the latest report by the OFS.

The OFS (Office for Students) is the Higher Education regulator and competition authority in England.

Highlighted in the report were concerns about 'pockets of poor practice' arising from increased competition between universities and students who were being pressurised into accepting places.

Institutions have begun a trend of offering unconditional placements to ensure early enrolment figures. This prevents pupils from perhaps attending more suitable courses based on their exam results.

This is especially relevant for international students, who with a range of extra barriers, such as language, visas, and poor guidance, are more vulnerable to accepting placements that may have been aggressively, or misleadingly, marketed. Indeed, it is not now uncommon - over the last few years - for universities to receive criticism from the Advertising Standards Authority for misleading students.

The report is currently being reviewed by Universities UK, who are 'engaging' with the OFS about these issues.

Source: BBC

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