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It Pays to Be Money-Wise When It Comes to Education

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

With using any service, it is normal to think that free services are bad, and that you need to pay high prices to get great service. The idea of “you get what you pay for” seems very real in many places around the world. However, for those on a budget, there are ways they can get great things at a fraction of the cost.

Foremost, is the need for English language learning. Learning English is probably the most important, demanded, needed skill. In Western countries, nationals take it for granted, even though their skills are often less spectacular than they think.

All over the world, over one billion people are learning English. Some are paying very impressive fees to do so. In truth, with discerning skills, many people can get lessons for low cost or even free.

Many online sites, such as, are a great source of information that is continually being updated. Many concepts, such as “The Great Ideas” or “Great Books of the Western World” can at least be spoken about. The original works of many of these can be found at places such as Gutenberg Project.

In the West, many places have a tradition of service. Religious organizations etc. often have free English language courses, because many people think it is their duty to do so. At many universities, there are often English tutoring classes called Writing Centers, often taught by PHD students, at free or low cost. At community colleges, even online community colleges, there are often free writing centers with capable people. Even online, there are valuable resources to learn the basics of writing, such as Purdue OWL:

For speaking practice, many online language exchanges provide essentially free tutoring., British Council and British Broadcasting Corporation also have free videos of very high-quality material. Even making local friends can be a fun and worthwhile pursuit.

If you can afford it, professional courses can be great. But, just because they are expensive does not mean the teachers are professional, well-trained, experienced, etc. Many English Foundation Programs at US universities or training centers often pay teachers minimally while charging maximally.

There is a phrase “good business is where you find it”. With education, good learning and cultural experiences can also be where you find it as well.

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