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Is It Bad to Take a Temporary Job That is Beneath Me?

Fast Food Employment is a Common Choice for Students

Even for the most high-performing, capable students, going to school can sometimes seem boring and even pointless. Rarely is high performance in school immediately rewarded with monetary rewards. Often, students are not taught precisely how what they are doing equals real-world success.

It is normal to want to do something else after school, at night, on weekends, on winter and summer holidays, or even to take a leave of absence from university studies and work. But why would someone want to do that? Are there not many stories of parents who had no education, worked hard, and saved, so their families would have more opportunities?

The answer seems to be in helping a student with his general development. A positive, energized attitude is needed for success in school, on the job, in personal relationships, and in almost every other worthwhile pursuit someone can think of.

If we consider why someone would want a part-time job, there are many reasons why work experience, even at menial jobs, can make someone a stronger student and person. Making Money

Obviously, most people work for a job because they need the money.

It takes a fair amount of money to ensure safety, housing, medical care, food, clothing, and entertainment. While all parents wish to provide these things for their children, the reality is that many hard-working parents cannot make enough to pay for everything their children need.

A part-time job is an excellent way for anyone sixteen or older to control their fate and have some control in paying for their way in life.

Fitting In with Part of Society

Interestingly, studies of many people on welfare, even generous welfare schemes in Northern Europe, etc., show that given a choice between getting free housing, healthcare, education, food stamps, transportion, etc., for doing no work, versus choosing to work, many people would prefer to work.

Many people from all political beliefs say, "the best social program ever created was a job."

Beyond money being earned, the skills needed to be successful in even a basic job can be helpful in many aspects of life. Being on time, refraining from alcohol or drug use, resisting distractions, being able to take orders, being polite even in the face of rude behavior, and learning on the job, can be helpful in any later career field.

Getting Out of Desk Life

A surprising number of students and those who have office jobs are taking time off to try outdoor jobs. Especially in the favorable conditions such as seasons of good weather, strong currency, high demand, and low labor supply, working in places such as the beach, farms, tree planting, or national parks can be very rewarding. Many people who try these jobs realize how much they miss the outdoors, getting exercise on the job, having direct control over their productivity, and being in touch with nature.

Several studies of people, such as Canadian tree planters or Australian fruit pickers who are taking time away from school, show that they come back to their studies in the fall not only with a decent amount of money but more physical fitness and mental resiliency.

So, no need to snub your nose at a part-time job, as it will do much good. Certainly, even someone from a privileged background would be wise to say they are interested in the job for the right reasons, including desiring real-world learning, to be like everyone else, to learn how to stand on their own, or simply because any work is better than sitting at home all day.

Will I Lose Social Status If I Work at a Menial Job?

Actually, not at all.

In social studies, people tend to alienate those who they perceive as different from them. The middle class in the United States often views the poor as lazy, while the very rich as shiftless and uncaring about the challenges and demands of the working class.

Many people who have parents that have millions of dollars, or sometimes even billion-dollar net worth, often choose to work entry level jobs, because they want to make a life for themselves.

Always being known as the "rich man's son/daughter" can generate resentment, false ideas about a person, fake friendships, and a poor sense of identity. Developing a hard work ethic, especially among many other common people, can show that a person has strong work ethic that can work past materialism and social status.

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