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When University Is Not Appropriate for You Right Now

As much as our education field focuses on getting students from all backgrounds to enroll in higher education courses, there may be circumstances where a student may not want to go directly to university right after high school. Some of these contingencies are discussed below:

Wanting to Enter Military Service A common reason teenagers choose not to go directly into higher university is to enter the military. Coming from more than five generations of over twenty veterans in my family, I can say the military is a unique experience that can teach a wide range of skills, especially for someone who genuinely wants to try this unique path.

Rod Powers and other books have made comprehensive online guides to the different branches of the United States military and appropriate expectations.

Essentially, the military wants young and healthy people, free of pre-existing physical, mental, or social problems and willing to try to conform to the demanding military lifestyle. Those who make it in the military will get free housing, medical insurance for themselves and their family, food, job training, and education benefits. While money in the military will never be easy and plentiful, millions of people have found satisfaction in this career path.

If someone wishes to enter the military, it is better to try it as young as possible. A person's commitment must always be to the service of that nation rather than their initiatives, including education. Yet, for those who are a good fit and invest in this path, military life can bring a wide range of benefits, including paying for multiple degrees.

Doing a Time-Intensive Job, Like Modelling, Acting, or Professional Athletics While many dream of being as good-looking as a model or as talented as a professional actor or athlete, less than one in one hundred thousand people will be successful enough at these performances to earn a good living.

If someone is genuinely this gifted in high school, other scouts come to you and make offers. Suppose someone can make ten thousand dollars a day as a model or over one million dollars a year as a professional actor or athlete. In that case, especially while someone is still young and agile.

To be fair, someone should still be under professional management with saving and sensibly investing the money that someone makes, being able to take part-time or even full-time coursework around their busy training and work schedule, and knowing what to do after this first career is finished.

However, it may make sense to delay college in such rare opportunities almost exclusively given to young people.

Being So Exhausted, Restless, and Emotional to Want to Take a Year Off From School

Some people are so burnt out from high school life or the college admissions process that they cannot or will not give 100% effort to becoming first-year college students.

While many T.V. shows make college life look like nothing but being away from home, partying, and having lots of fun, such an environment requires people to adjust to a situation.

From living experience, I can see that it is not a shame to get into a university but defer for a year so that someone can stay home, work at a job, save some money, and start again. Similarly, someone can find jobs in different parts of the country or foreign countries, taking advantage of seasonal changes in jobs such as tree planting, lumberjacking, fruit picking, teaching English, etc., and save an impressive amount of money under the right conditions. This gap year is commonly done outside the U.S.; it is seen as a healthy way of starting adult life.

Not Sure What to Do In College?

Most commonly, many people like going to a university but are unsure how to best focus their time.

While U.S. universities allow the first two years to meander and still pick a concentration, every other university system demands focus from the first day of classes.

As shown in other articles, it is daunting to precisely determine what to concentrate on and what career fit is best. The only real way to do this successfully is trial-and-error, often with excellent support services.

Please, do not hesitate to reach out to professional support services, teachers, family, friends, or anyone seeming supportive if you feel stressed. Many can relate to their own lives and may be able to provide guidance that can help.

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