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A Message From Joseph Klunder

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Creating Wen Education is something I am so excited about, I wish to offer some free copies of my book “What Your Agent Will Not Tell You About College Admissions.” The book offers an in-depth analysis of the admissions process and is written for the student.

Co-written by Dr. Rachel Winston, a woman so motivated that she was accepted by Harvard at thirteen years of age and eventually completed ten  bachelor’s degrees, ten master’s, and three PHDs from such diverse schools as Harvard, NYU, UChicago, and of Texas, and even Brandman University. She has also served some public service roles in the US, including high profile posts in Washington DC.

While my book is a quick and easy read, with lots of pictures, it was the work of over a thousand hours of reading, researching, and talking to people. For anyone wishing to learn some quick insights into the field, download the free kindle version of the book, purchase the paperback or digest the "Top Ten Takeaways" on this page. 

If you still need support, check out our forum, or contact us now for a personalized consultancy.

Good luck!

10 Takeaways

1. There Is No Best University in the World; Look for a Good Fit for You

2. Advisors, Counselors, and Support are One Thing; Agents Are Another

3. Universities Heavily Prefer to Work With Students Themselves; They Dislike Any Agents

4. Universities and Colleges Can Make Guarantees; Agents Cannot

5. Examine Any Contract With A Test Prep Company, Especially “Money-Back Guarantees.”

6. Never Work With Any Person Who Promises Cheating or Results. People Get Caught

7. Your Application Should Be Your Own; Never Have An Agent Do It For You

8. Sticker Price Can Differ From Final Price, Especially at American Universities

9. Feel Free to Get Second Opinions, Even From Your Target University

10. Initiative, Hard Work, Persistence are the Real Game Changers

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