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Message From The Owner

Today, we are often bombarded by marketing and advertising that is designed to catch your eye, and your wallet. At Wen, our focus remains wholly on providing the best educational services to our clients and we are happy to share their thoughts with you. Below you will find just a few honest, and sincere sentiments from some of our students. 

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Asian Man

" In the 2019 application season, with the help of Wen education and Joe, I successfully got the offer of NYU Early Decision. I am very happy. I highly recommend Wen. Wen is very professional. At the beginning, I decided on my major, but I didn't decide on a school. I told Wen what I wanted like overall college ranking, the major ranking, the academic aspect and so on. Then we made a list of schools based on Wen's experience and information. Wen let me know everything about the university, the expectations of the university and the characteristics of the students. Wen provided me with a lot of resources, data and course selection websites. It showed me how admissions officers select students. These resources are very useful. Joe graduated from Brown University. He has a lot of experience. When writing the essay, Joe provided many ideas according to my major

With Joe's help, we continued to improve paragraph construction and vocabulary selection.

Besides, Joe repeatedly reminded me to double-check the information before I submitted my application. Wen also respects students' thoughts and provides ideas that match universities."  (stock image used at request of the student).

Ziteng Wang

"Hello, my name is Michelle and I am currently a sophomore in an international high school in Beijing. I have been accepted to Savannah College of Art and Design in the US a year early. They not only waived my senior year but also agreed to give me a scholarship of $9,000 per year. All this is thanks to the help and guidance of Wen Education and Mr. Klunder. He was my English teacher and my college counsellor. I highly recommend Wen Education and Mr. Klunder because, first of all, he has a lot of experience and is very competent. Secondly, he knows more about the rules of admissions and the requirements of some universities in the US than any agent or college counselor I have ever met. Thirdly, Mr. Klunder is very honest in the application process and does not make fake documents like some agents in China. If you or your children want to study abroad and apply to the right college like I did, please contact Wen Education." (stock image used and real name withheld at the request of the student).


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Wen Education

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Tel: +44 203 476 9329

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