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My name is Joseph Klunder, I founded Wen Education with a small team of dedicated  educators to provide the highest possible level of service at a reasonable cost. After graduating from Brown,  I have been at the forefront of international tuition in China for over a decade and share a passion with my team that elite level tuition from the world's best tutors should not be hidden behind a financial wall that is inaccessible and exclusionist to families. In addition to offering a basket of tuition services, we will be populating the site with lots of free tips, learning strategies, and useful nuggets of information to help you on your journey. In the free forum you can 'Ask Wen' and get answers to questions you might have from one of our dedicated team, find links to resources, and find information that could make a difference. Take your time to enjoy the site, contact us if you would like a personalised consultation, and do not be scared to ask questions.  Good luck with your studies!

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Choosing the correct tutor for your child is of the utmost importance when it comes to their future success. Tutors not only facilitate and guide your child academically, they will also provide mentorship and be a role model,  potentially defining your child's relationship with an academic discipline. Wen Education work only with established and experienced Russell Group and Ivy League Tutors and Teachers, who are vigorously vetted, trained, and selected for their expertise, manner, and suitability. With Wen Education, you can be assured you will receive the best possible tuition, at an affordable and fair rate. When possible, we will also provide small  group options, further reducing costs and providing wider learning opportunities in an online peer learning environment. Feel free to contact us for a personalised consultation.


Wen Education

45 Fitzroy Street.



Tel: +44 203 476 9329

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